Welcome to the World Trade Center Lausanne


World Trade Center Lausanne - WTCL Services SA - Avenue de Gratta-Paille 1-2, 1018 Lausanne - Tél : +41 (0)21 641 11 11 - info@wtc.ch


Feel free to grow

The Word Trade Center Lausanne is made up of five buildings on five floors, with service providers on the ground floor.

Each floor has 600 m2 laid out in a modular fashion so that it can be partitioned and adjusted according to the size and the needs of your company.

Determine the space needed to carry out your activities. Vertical and horizontal connections simplify the installation of large companies and ensure easy communication between their services.

Small and medium sized companies benefit from the partitioning system that allows the surfaces to be subdivided depending on their size…these can be re-sized depending on how they grow over time.

Flexibility is the key !